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Fraser-Johnston® Heating & Air Conditioning home comfort systems are designed and built to provide maximum quality, comfort, and efficiency to your home. Whether you're looking for a furnace, an air conditioner or a complete heating and cooling solution , your Fraser-Johnston® Dealer can evaluate factors such as your home's size, age, number of rooms, regional climate, and utility costs to select the best system for your home.



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Fraser-Johnston® encourages professionalism through North American Technician Excellence, Inc.(NATE). NATE is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry, and is the only test supported by the entire industry.

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Earning the ENERGY STAR® means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. When compared to standard models, ENERGY STAR® products are between 15 and 25% more efficient. This model meets ENERGY STAR® requirements for energy efficiency.

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Product Details
MODELDW -12 Packaged Unit
PRODUCTDW -12 Packaged Unit
Compressor5 years
Heat Exchanger10 years
Parts1 year
 The most significant inovations in commercial rooftops units in a generation is here. Our DW-12 (12.5 ton) unit reaches 11.35 EER. This flexible, single-package model comes in cooling as well as electric/gas heat configurations, with side and down airflow convertibility. This unit allows easy installation on a curb, slab, roof rack, or frame. Every unit is completely charged, wired, piped, and tested. Servicing is simple with a slide-out motor and blower. You’ll also discover foil-faced insulation for improved IAQ. This unit also features two compressors and independent refrigeration circuits for increased, and assured reliability.
  • A single 50 3/4" H x 59" W x 119 7/16" D cabinet size with a common 50 1/2" W x 80 5/8" D footprint means simple installation.
  • Specify units for cooling only, cooling with electric heat, and cooling with gas heat.
  • Two-stage heat/two-stage cool provides ultimate comfort.
  • Convertibility for side or down airflow discharge, with single-enthalpy economizers used on either application.
  • Choose from a wide range of factory-installed options and standards like disconnect switches, barometric relief and power exhaust, smoke detectors, and stainless steel heat exchangers.
  • The dual-circuit reliability of two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits, electronic spark ignition, and power-vented combustion.
  • Install these compact units almost anywhere there’s a curb, slab, roof rack, or frame.
  • Each unit is completely charged with R-22—wired, piped, and tested.
  • All units are assembled and delivered on rigid, full-perimeter base rails, allowing for 3-way forklift access and overhead rigging.
  • Tool-free maintenance with features like hinged doors for all-access panels, slide-out blower and blower motor tray.
  • IAQ features like foil-faced insulation, pitched roof, and removable drain pan.
  • Can be ordered practically ready for immediate installation.

    Repair Parts - 2EE04703324 Economizer035-18875-000-A-0302.pdf461
    Repair Parts - DW -12 Single Package - Cooling/Gas Heat035-19086-001-A-1002.pdf80
    1FE0412 Flue Exhaust Kit036-22975-001-A-0405.pdf266
    Submittal Data Sheet - 1RC0470 & 1RC0471 Roof Curb685097-fsd-b-0211.pdf47
    Technical Guide - DW-12 Ultra High Efficiency Single Package Air Conditioners and Gas/Electric Units262776-BTG-C-1208.pdf2978
    User Manual - ZK/ZS/ZU/ZV/ZW -A3 thru -12 Single Package Gas/Electric Air Conditioner66387-BUM-F-0918.PDF222
    Warranty - 10 Year Heat Exchangers50.05-WC11C-0400.pdf21
    Warranty - 10 Year Heat Exchanger363855-BWA-A-0208.pdf120
    Warranty - 5 Year Hermetic Compressor Limited and 1 Year Other Parts035-09756-001-A-0602.pdf215
    Unitary Commerical Product Talking Points70010
    Fraser-Johnston Commercial Guide Specs73650